Managing Director’s Message

Managing Director’s Message

As the world comes together through international trade, businesses rely more than ever on ports and terminals to operate smoothly. How do we ensure your goods arrive in the right place and at the right time? How do we add value to your logistics chain and move your business forward? We focus on the power of efficiency.

At Vertex Mission, we have built our entire business around the belief that logistics efficiency is paramount to your business’ success. From the implementation of state of the art IT systems to a continuing commitment to human resource development, our growth strategy is guided by our focus on efficiency. And it is this same belief that drove us to reorganize our corporate structure to what it is today.

2016 is a year of transformation for us. We have merged several of our companies into a single entity, streamlining our organizational structure and internal processes so we can operate even more efficiently as a total logistics provider.

The years ahead will be challenging, but also exciting as we move forward as one organization. We will continue to strive towards creating value for our clients by delivering solutions anchored in our core values of efficiency, reliability and integrity — just as we have always done.

Thank you.

Soo Chee Yeong
Managing Director
Vertex Mission Sdn Bhd